Baseball could expand and realign – but why? – Royals Review

Baseball split into three divisions in each league in 1994, adding the Wild Card that year, although no post-season would be played due to a work stoppage. Since then, the league has tinkered – adding teams in Arizona and Tampa Bay, moving the Brewers and Astros into different leagues, and providing for a second Wild […]

Baseball fans deserve more protection from foul balls – Chicago Tribune

When Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber connect at the plate, their exit velocity — the speed at which the ball leaves the bat — often exceeds 100 mph. A ball hit that hard travels 146 feet in about a second. And spectators sitting far closer to home plate than that are unprotected and […]

Baseball America’s John Manuel to join Twins scouting department – Minneapolis Star Tribune

When Baseball America first gave me a column back in 2001, I took it as an opportunity to write more opinionated coverage of the college baseball beat that I covered at the time. I also made a guide for myself that whenever I could, I would work around using the first person. I’d re-write the […]

Why are baseball players allowed to eat and spit all game long? – New York Post

Enough with whether the Yankees can come back, or if the Cubs have another World Series in them. The real question this baseball playoff season for viewers is: Why is it still OK for players to spit constantly? No matter the team or the player, you’re guaranteed to see dozens of spit takes during any […]

Playoff Baseball Tonight! – The New Yorker

Baseball tonight—the Houston Astros and the Yankees, up at the Stadium—and grab it if you can. This is the best part of the baseball year, the mid-series three games of the four-out-of-seven League Championships, when the batters will be facing the other guys’ mid-level starters and have already seen their bullpens. The Astros took the […]

Does Major League Baseball really want to speed up games? – Chicago Tribune

Remember when Major League Baseball said it wanted to speed up games? Does Major League Baseball? This is critical as the Cubs (and Cubs fans) face at least one 8:09 p.m. National League Championship Series start and maybe two this week against the Dodgers at Wrigley Field, depending on how things turn out in the […]

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