Going ringside | Diversicare, 431 Sports Arena takes resident wrestling – Sand Mountain Reporter

Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017 4:01 pm

Going ringside | Diversicare, 431 Sports Arena takes resident wrestling

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As the bell rang, his eyes widened behind his spectacles and the grip on the American Championship Wrestling title belt, that was handed to him moments ago, tightened.

On Friday night, Jeffrey Farr became the champ.

The 55-year-old is a resident of Diversicare in Boaz and a lover of all sports, especially wrestling. Farr has watched wrestling on TV all his life, but has never had the chance to go see a live match.

Through the Dreamcatcher program, Diversicare’s admissions coordinator and sales/marketing representative Kelly Somers knew they could make that happen. She said once the idea of getting him to see a fight was mentioned, Farr was jubilant.

“He enjoys wrestling and other sports and activities so it sparked the interest of one of our staff members,” Somers said. “He asked him if he would like to see a wrestling match and Mr. Farr said yeah, and he got really excited. So then we thought about contacting the association here in Boaz and that gentleman [431 Sports Arena Owner Mickey “The Hammer” Henry] said that they would be able to come and set up a short match.”

For the event, Henry slated Farr to be the guest referee. He said seeing people like Farr get to be a part of things is a wonderful thing and should be encouraging to everyone.

“We’ve been doing things like this for several years,” Henry said. “We’re doing it for nothing, you know. It’s like one of those make a wish [programs] and I’m just helping him get his wish.”

Farr was delighted to be an official. He wore a white hat and sported a red whistle. Before the fight, Farr talked about his joy of wrestling and what he would be looking out for in the matches.

“Ric Flair all the way,” Farr said smiling. “I know a lot [about wrestling]. I used to watch it on TV every night.

“You’ve got to put your hand underneath their shoulder to make sure their shoulder is up against the mat. You’ve got to check them because some of them won’t have their shoulder underneath the mat. The pull their shoulder up so they’re not legally pinned. There’s no punching or kicking below the belt. There’s no poking of the eyes. No taking off gear in the middle of the ring, especially with the girls. That’s dirty wrestling.”

Minutes before the opening bell rang, locally famed midget wrestler David “Little Papa Pump” Harden, alongside Henry, presented Farr the ACW title belt.

As the belt was placed in his hands, a smile stretched across Farr’s face and his eyes grew wide. He was the champ.

Going ringside | Diversicare, 431 Sports Arena takes resident wrestling – Sand Mountain Reporter

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